Howard Kapustein wrote:
>           /* Try to truncate the WAL file to zero bytes if the checkpoint
>           ** completed and fsynced (rc==SQLITE_OK) and we are in persistent
>           ** WAL mode (bPersist) and if the PRAGMA journal_size_limit is a
>           ** non-negative value (pWal->mxWalSize>=0).  Note that we truncate
>           ** to zero bytes as truncating to the journal_size_limit might
>           ** leave a corrupt WAL file on disk. */
>           walLimitSize(pWal, 0);
> That last comment "Note that we truncate..." is interesting. When
> would this corrupt WAL rear its head?

A 'normal' checkpoint would adjust the WAL file header to record that
the data has been checkpointed and is no longer valid.

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