On 29 Sep 2017, at 9:06pm, Denis V. Razumovsky <t...@denis.im> wrote:

> What can be wrong for _any_ of the compilers if you will define
> SQLITE_4_BYTE_ALIGNED_MALLOC as 0 in sqlite3.h? It's so simple. I think
> it should only get better for all platforms and compilers )

If SQLITE_4_BYTE_ALIGNED_MALLOC always means 0 under all circumstances, why did 
someone bother to make it a named option ?  Why doesn’t the code just assume 
zero ?

Under Windows malloc() returns a 4-byte aligned pointer, i.e. that the option 
has to be set to 1.  The same occurs in many embedded processors, which have 
far less memory than you’re used to on a multi-purpose desktop computer.  It’s 
not simple.  And it doesn’t work on all platforms.

You are still proceeding as if your own development platform and target CPU is 
the only one SQLite has to work for.

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