Given a .csv file which starts like this:

1,RAH,Robert A. Heinlein,"Heinlein, Robert A.",Real Name,
2,IA,Isaac Asimov,"Asimov, Isaac",Real Name,
3,HH,Harry Harrison,"Harrison, Harry",,

Shell tool of this version

SQLite version 3.19.3 2017-06-27 16:48:08

Creates a table with the following columns:

  "ID" TEXT,
  "code" TEXT,
  "name" TEXT,
  "sortOrder" TEXT,
  "" TEXT,
  "AlternativeName" TEXT

I don’t know the externally-governed rules.  I don’t know what rules the 
development team want to follow.  But I’m questioning whether it’s a good idea 
to create a column with that name.  If the dev team think it’s okay, that’s 
fine with me.

I would actually prefer it didn’t include the quotes signs in the column names. 
 They’re not in the .csv file.  But that’s a different matter.

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