Thank you, Richard. After some digging I see, too, that MySQL uses <=> for that 
same functionality, Microsoft has a toggle for =, and Oracle nothing. I had 
clearly been mistaken about IS's portability. 

On October 6, 2017 7:53:27 PM EDT, Richard Hipp <> wrote:
>On 10/6/17, J. King <> wrote:
>> Are there any other
>> reasons I might perhaps want to use = rather than IS that I'm not
>> of?
>"NULL IS NULL" is true, but "NULL = NULL" is not true (it is null).
>Other than that, the IS operator and the = operator are the same.
>"IS" in SQLite is the same as "IS NOT DISTINCT FROM" in PostgreSQL and
>"IS NOT" in SQLite is the ame as "IS DISTINCT FROM" in PostgreSQL.
>D. Richard Hipp
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