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> The topic started as a request for an XOR operator. I've added a request for 
> a NOT operator.

SQLite does not have a byte type.
SQLite does not have any fixed-length integer type.

Given those two statements, what should NOT 1100 be ?

Should it be 11 ?  Or 11110011 ?  Or 1111111111110011 ?  If you want to argue 
that the result should be 1 byte long, you will get the wrong result when you 
OR two different XOR results together.  Are you going to argue that it should 
be 8 bytes long ?  Why should a SQL programmer be expected to know details 
about how SQL stores numbers internally ?

Having one operator gives you the other.  For example,

a XOR b == ( a IOR b ) AND (NOT ( a AND b ))

If you have difficulty in deciding how long the result of NOT should be, you 
have the same problem in deciding how long XOR should be.  Again, deciding it 
should be one byte long is apparently wrong, but deciding it should be eight 
bytes long is arbitrary because it depends on an internal detail of SQLite not 
normally exposed to users.

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