1> Standalone
2.a> If you're referring to the DLL from an application you're building, it
must be either the Path, or, in the "Directory" your shortcut points to,
which is either something custom, or, the EXEs current directory.  Its
already been mentioned where that DLL should be placed.
2.b> If you're referring to the DLL being needed for the sqlite3.exe app,
its not needed at all.

Based purely on my experience with Delphi (From Borland Version 5 to
Emarcadero 10.5 Berlin);

For point 2.a, there are three ways that I can think of to run the EXE.  In
any case, a valid place is to put the DLL in a directory specified in your
%PATH% environment variable, unless you're concerned about DLL HELL and
other applications with a custom Sqlite3.dll library decide to do some

The first method of running an EXE is via a shortcut.  The order of
operations that the EXE (should) look for the DLL is where the "Start In"
path dictates, and if it doesn't exist there, then it'll check %PATH%

The second method is directly running the EXE through the file browser.
The order of operations for that mode of running the EXE is the directory
you're running the EXE from is scanned, then your %PATH%

The third method is via a command line window, as an example, where you're
sitting in c:\Dir1 but you run the EXE as [c:\Dir2\Some.exe].  That order
of operation would be to look for the DLL in c:\Dir1 then %PATH%.

Y.M.M.V. depending on the build and compile options to where the library
files are loaded from.  I'm not aware of any documentation that specifies
where applications are to, or should, look for DLL files, but, I'm sure
I'll be smacked with that when someone in the know wants to correct me. :]

For anything I distribute, I include the DLL in the installation package
and have it put in the install directory, but, I don't rely on the DLL in
my applications directory, but, rather somewhere in the %PATH%. The reason
for putting the DLL in the EXE directory is two-fold:
- I'm not 100% sure, but either my build environment makes the EXE check
the local directory for the SQLite3.dll file first, then checks path.
- What I'm compiling is guaranteed to work vs what else might be on the

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Phoenix <rwm.phoe...@btinternet.com> wrote:
> I've downloaded the dll-win32 version of SQLite3 and have a couple of
> questions.
> 1) Does sqlite3.exe require the .dll file or is it stand-alone?
> 2) Does the .dll need to be in a specific folder or is it okay if the
> folder is listed in my PATH?
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