>Better yet, either one of the datetime() or julianday() functions
>(with the same one used consistently in all places) will work best
>for comparison since the output for either one sorts correctly
>against itself. strftime() should be saved for display formatting.

Only for a timestring with a constant offset from UT1.  The default is a fixed 
offset of 00:00, (Zulu, GMT, or UT1, whatever you want to call it).  Some 
people erroneously call this UTC but it is not.  UTC has a variable number of 
seconds in a day.  Zulu/GMT/UT1 have 86400 seconds in a day, never more and 
never less.  

If you store "localtime" or an "instant time" with an offset from GMT, then it 
cannot be sorted (unless all the offsets are the same, that is).

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lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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