I built TCl 8.6 with SQLite extension (3.2.0) which I embedded into a C++
application. Because I need SQLite in both TCL and C++ I defined the SQLite
macro of (the extension) to export all the SQLite C API's. So the the built
SQLite DLL library TCL extension exports both the TCL interface as well as
the C++ interface.

While using this SQLite DLL in C++ I created a shared-cache in-memory db
which I once mistakenly did not close. This in-memory db remains in memory
even after I restart/rebuild the C++ application. I know this because I
tried to create the same table with the same connect as before and I get
error "table ... already exists" from SQLite.

I wonder why this is so, because I thought that SQLite will free all its
resources everytime the application closes?


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