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> On Nov 7, 2017, at 2:39 PM, Keith Medcalf <kmedc...@dessus.com> wrote:
>> What advantage does your third-level (application) cache provide that is not 
>> provided by the two lower level caches?
> You’re being presumptuous here. It’s pretty common for presentation-level 
> data to be very expensive to recompute; a common example is partial or full 
> web pages. Rendering image, like graphs, can also be expensive. Or hey, how 
> about the results of a complex SQL query?

It’s caching at two different levels.  The level Keith is talking about happens 
when you submit a SQL query and cache the data retrieved.  The level Jens is 
talking about happens when you submit a SQL query, process the data, then cache 
the results of the processing.

And it’s all highly dependent on the hardware, the amount of data and the type 
of processing.  And we don’t know whether the OP did premature optimisation.  
So let’s forget this threadlet until and unless we have relevant data.

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