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> What is the timeline of this feature? Will it be implemented in the nearest
> future?

Low priority.  I do not like automatic index feature, because I think
that app developers should do an appropriate CREATE INDEX instead.  Of
course, it is not possible to a CREATE INDEX on a subquery, so
automatic indexes make sense in that context, which is why I keep the
optimization around.

But since this has never come up before, it does not seem like a huge
problem and we have a number of other priorities at the moment.

> And what optimizations doesn't also work on without rowid tables? Is
> the query planner good at optimizing stuff on without rowid tables at all?

AFAIK every (except automatic indexes) works for both rowid and
without-rowid tables.  But I had forgotten that automatic indexes
didn't work for without rowid tables, so perhaps there is something
else I have overlooked.

D. Richard Hipp
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