On 11/11/2017 8:55 PM, Balaji Ramanathan wrote:
3.    When there is a mathematical expression after the string, I get a 0.
My string is nowhere to be seen in the output
SQLite> select '-  '||cast(-1.5 as integer)*-1

|| has the highest precedence. Your expression is interpreted as ( '-  
'||cast(-1.5 as integer) ) * -1 . The string produced by the stuff in 
parentheses doesn't look like a valid number, and so becomes 0 when coerced to 
the same. Basically, you are doing

select 'foobar' * -1

4.    But when I add 1 instead of multiplying, it produces output that
seems to evaluate everything before the addition to zero
SQLite> select '- '||cast(-1.5 as integer)+1

0 * -1 == 0
0 + 1 == 1

5.    Enclosing the mathematical expression in a printf produces the
correct output
SQLite> select '- '|| printf(cast(-1.5 as integer)*-1)
-  1

So would enclosing in parentheses. The point is not printf() call, but changing 
the order of evaluation.

6.    If the output starts with a number, then it doesn't seem to matter
what follows.  Notice that the last part of the expression below is the
same as the expression in query number 3 above, but it works fine now
whereas previously it produced a zero as the output
SQLite> select cast(1.5 as integer)||'-'||(cast(-1.5 as integer)*-1)

The last part is parenthesized here, whereas it wasn't in prior examples. That 
makes all the difference.

I am sure it has something to do with order of operations and the affinity
of the operands, but can someone give me a summary that I can understand
readily?  The only mentions of the "||" operator on the SQLite website (
https://sqlite.org/lang_expr.html) don't really explain what is going on in
the above examples.

The part of the article you quote that you seem to overlook is "in order from 
highest to lowest precedence"
Igor Tandetnik

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