> On Nov 11, 2017, at 6:31 AM, Simon Slavin <slav...@bigfraud.org> wrote:
> There is no documentation for this.  Which means that even if you find that, 
> say, macrons are allowed in this version, they might not be allowed in the 
> next version.

Um, really? That sounds bad for compatibility. Why isn’t it documented, or 

(My situation: my library generates SQL queries that sometimes use identifiers 
created by the library’s client, i.e. some 3rd party app. It’s very useful to 
be able to use these identifiers as-is by prefixing some sort of namespace 
(like “fts::”) and wrapping the token in quotes. (Of course I have to check 
that the identifier doesn’t itself contain an ASCII double-quote.))

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