In the latest code on and
at has a "Declutter" button on the
sub-menu bar to simplify the screen.  In the simplified timeline,
there is a "Details" button to get all the details back again.

I'm not done with this interface improvement push.  Here are my
short-term plans:

(1) Right now, pressing "Declutter" or "Details" is a server
round-trip.  I think it would better to handle this using javascript.

(2) Decluttered should be the default.  Currently Details is the
default.  I spent a lot of time experimenting last night, and what I
found myself doing every time I encountered a timeline was immediately
pressing the "Declutter" button to get a high-level overview of the
graph, then clicking on "Details" if I wanted to see more.  From that
experience, I think coming up in Decluttered mode would be a much
better approach.

(3) Details/Declutter for the entire graph is good and should be kept.
But it would be even better to be able to see the details of
individual timeline entries.  I'm thinking that timelines come up in
decluttered mode (showing only the check-in comment for each entry)
but with ellipses or some other small icon at the end of each comment
that you can click on to expand the details.

You can help!  Send me your ideas of what you think timelines should
look like.  Even better:  send me mock-ups.  Static HTML pages that
you have hand-edited will be fine - just be sure to include the CSS,
or better, put all the CSS in-line on your hand-edited mockup.

You can also keep experimenting with the code I have on-line and send
me your complaints and suggestions for improvement.

Web developers - help me with this:  For item (3) above, how can I
make the ellipsis or icon to "show more detail" configurable using
CSS?  What's the best way to handle that so that people can customize
the look for various skins?

D. Richard Hipp
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