You have to do two things to run SQL statements from a batch file:
1. Use quotes so that all parameters to sqlite3.exe are a single parameter; and
2. Use quotes so that SQL strings are delimited correctly.

e-mail wrote:
> sqlite3.exe -csv "C:\...\places.sqlite" "SELECT ... 
> datetime(...,"unixepoch","localtime") AS Date FROM ..."

Double quotes are interpreted by cmd.exe to delimit parameters to sqlite3.exe,
so they will not show up in the actual SQL statement as seen by sqlite3.

> sqlite3.exe -csv C:\...\places.sqlite SELECT ... 
> datetime(...,'unixepoch','localtime') AS Date FROM ...

Without quotes, there are too many parameters.

In SQL, strings should use single quotes (double quotes are just for bug
compatibility with MySQL); and cmd.exe expects double quotes for parameters.
So this is easy:

  sqlite3.exe -csv "C:\...\places.sqlite" "SELECT ... 
datetime(...,'unixepoch','localtime') AS Date FROM ..."

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