Not an answer to what is wrong with your call to get the metadata, however, the 
information is all available from SQL.

Data Catalog Views:

drop view SysIndexColumns;
drop view SysIndexes;
drop view SysColumns;
drop view SysObjects;

create view if not exists SysObjects
select type as ObjectType,
       name as ObjectName
  from sqlite_master
 where type in ('table', 'view', 'index');

create view if not exists SysColumns
select ObjectType,
       cid        as ColumnID,
       name       as ColumnName,
       type       as Affinity,
       "notnull"  as IsNotNull,
       dflt_value as DefaultValue,
       pk         as IsPrimaryKey
  from SysObjects
  join pragma_table_info(ObjectName);

create view if not exists SysIndexes
select ObjectType,
       name     as IndexName,
       seq      as IndexID,
       "unique" as IsUniqueIndex,
       origin   as IndexOrigin,
       partial  as IsPartialIndex
  from SysObjects
  join pragma_index_list(ObjectName);

create view if not exists SysIndexColumns
select ObjectType,
       seqno  as IndexColumnSequence,
       cid    as ColumnID,
       name   as ColumnName,
       "desc" as IsDescendingOrder,
       coll   as Collation,
       key    as IsPartOfKey
  from SysIndexes
  join pragma_index_xinfo(IndexName);


select O.* 
  from SysColumns as O
 where ObjectType == 'table'
   and IsPrimaryKey == 1 
   and Affinity == 'integer' 
   and not exists (select 1 
                     from SysColumns as I
                    where I.ObjectType == O.ObjectType 
                      and I.ObjectName == O.ObjectName 
                      and I.IsPrimaryKey > 1);

will return all the 'INTEGER PRIMARY KEY' in the "main" database ...

I do not know what it does for "without rowid" tables where there is a single 
field declared as "integer primary key", if you have some of those you will 
have to figure it out (and how to eliminate them if you want to do so) yourself.

The fact that there's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven says a 
lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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>I am passing a pointer to UTF encoded strings and the passed table
>column do exist.
>There must be something wrong in my code.
>On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 7:56 PM, Clemens Ladisch <>
>> Bart Smissaert wrote:
>> > Having some difficulty using sqlite3_table_column_metadata, used
>> VB6.
>> >
>> > I keep getting a zero for the first output argument (should be
>> to declared data type string)
>> > and the return value of the function keeps giving 1.
>> The documentation
>> says:
>> | The sqlite3_table_column_metadata() interface returns
>> if the specified column does not exist.
>> > Should the tbl_name and column_name also be encoded in UTF8?
>> In SQLite, pretty much all strings are UTF-8.
>> Regards,
>> Clemens
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