Compilers shipped with Solaris were traditionally compiling 32bit
binaries unless specified otherwise. This changed recently, the default
is 64bit binaries. So if you want to compile 32bit object, you have to
specify -m32. That slightly breaks sqlite configuration script as it
expects 32bit output with no arguments. The fix is simple - specify
'-m32' for 32bit compilation. The change is backwards compatible, -m32
always meant 32bit objects. I am attaching the patch to latest sqlite

Thank you
The sqlite configuration is assuming that compiler with no -mXX flag compiles
32 bit binaries. This is no longer true, as the default is 64bit these days.
This patch fixes the 32bit compilation.

--- sqlite-autoconf-3210000/tea/tclconfig/tcl.m4        2017-11-15 
08:52:28.206926381 +0000
+++ sqlite-autoconf-3210000/tea/tclconfig/tcl.m4        2017-11-15 
08:52:24.892793953 +0000
@@ -1942,7 +1944,7 @@ AC_DEFUN([TEA_CONFIG_CFLAGS], [
                        # not be necessary for extensions.
                        SHLIB_LD="$SHLIB_LD -m64 -static-libgcc"
-               ])
+               ], [ SHLIB_LD="$SHLIB_LD -m32" ])
            ], [
                case $system in
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