> Le 1 déc. 2017 à 14:58, Clemens Ladisch <clem...@ladisch.de> a écrit :
> Olivier Mascia wrote:
>> I'm seeing such things in my error.log out of SQLite 3.21.0 (but I am sure 
>> it was already the case with 3.20):
>> automatic index on tal(ID)
>> automatic index on mi(ID)
>> ...
>> I do not have a clue as to what these 'tal(ID)' and 'mi(ID)' refer to.
> "tal" and "mi" sound like table/subquery aliases.

Indeed it was.  Thanks Clemens!  I was too focused on checking the schema.
Did a full text search on the full source codes, and yes 'mi' and 'tal' have 
been used bob someone, for some subquery aliases.

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Olivier Mascia

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