On 4 Dec 2017, at 9:31am, Tilak Vijayeta <vijayeta.ti...@gi-de.com> wrote:

> PID:02FB0036 TID:06B60006 SQLite error (14): os_win.c:36317: (31) 
> winOpen(\------\TTDB.db3-journal) - A device attached to the system is not 
> functioning.

You appear to have a hardware or operating system problem which is causing a 
SQLite error.  SQLite error 14 is "Unable to open the database file".

Is there some sort of protection on the journal file, or on the directory it’s 
in, which is preventing your program from accessing it ?

> PID:02FB0036 TID:06B60006 SQLite error (778): os_win.c:34215: (5) 
> winWrite2(\----\TTDB.db3-journal) - Access is denied.

"Access is denied" suggests there is some sort of protection or access problem.

> 1.        A Journal file gets created as a backup on every transaction, as in 
> Update or Insert. This file gets deleted after the transaction is committed.

This is not normal for SQLite.  Can you tell us the result of

        PRAGMA journal_mode

for whatever database file you’re accessing ?

> 2.       I assumed that the journal file goes 'Read Only' sometimes because 
> of which Delete operation fails.

That is not something SQLite does.

> 3.       To fix it, every time I come across a SQL Lite error 14, I change 
> the read only property of the Journal file.

This does not fit the way SQLite works.  If you are in a situation where you 
have to do this, you have more serious problems which you will have to deal 
with later.  You have something which is preventing SQLite from working 
properly.  Are you running any anti-virus program ?  Can you disable it 
temporarily while you test your program to see if it’s the culprit ?

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