Hi All:

The next version of StepSqlite - enhanced-PL/SQL compiler for SQLite
and Oracle-TM
is due soon and is packed with Super Powers which will blow your mind!

For a start, how about powerful Analytic Window Functions, Collections,
Now, if you think that is huge, wait, there is a lot more!!!
Look for a detailed announcement in first week of New Year 2018.

Currently aiming for a January end beta-release after the ongoing rigorous
testing and bug-fix cycle.

Meanwhile you can sign-up for beta. Everyone signing up for beta - till Jan
31, 2018, gets a professional version free for 6 months (July 31, 2018).
Those already on the list need not re-register - you are already
included! There
will always be a free developer version (size-limited ).

Be the first to experience the power - get on the waiting list:

Happy New Year!!

**StepSqlite** enhanced-PL/SQL on Sqlite
and BerkeleyDB: *Be Done at the Speed of Lite!*

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