I pull the fossil source on a Linux machine by fossil update trunk.
I then do the following:

cd ../bld
rm -rf *
../src/configure --enable-load-extension --enable-threadsafe 
--with-readline-lib=auto --with-pic --enable-fts5 --enable-json1
make sqlite3.c
cp ../src/src/test_intarray.c intarray.c
cp ../src/src/test_intarray.h test_intarray.h
zip -j ../interim.zip sqlite3.c sqlite3.h tsrc/shell.c tsrc/sqlite3ext.h 
tsrc/tclsqlite.c ../src/ext/misc/*.c ../src/test/speedtest1.c 
../src/ext/async/sqlite3async.* ../src/ext/userauth/*.h 
../src/ext/userauth/userauth.c intarray.c test_intarray.h ../src/test/kvtest.c 
cd ..

The "interim.zip" is downloaded to a Windows machine where MinGW64 GCC 7.1.0 is 
attempting to compile the amalgamation with all the extensions loaded into it.

Interestingly, if I remove the conditional includes in test_windirent.h it then 
compiles mostly-sorta cleanly (just with complaints about the stat macro being 
continuously redefined) ...

The fact that there's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven says a 
lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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>On 1/6/18, Keith Medcalf <kmedc...@dessus.com> wrote:
>> fileio.c attempts to #include a file "test_windirent" which does
>not exist.
>> (Perhaps it does somewhere, but it is not part of amalgamation
>files nor the
>> generated shell.c).
>What (exact) sources are you using, and what steps are you taking to
>D. Richard Hipp
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