Tony Papadimitriou wrote:
> sqlite3_analyzer.c(207289): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 
> 'tcl.h': No such file or directory

By default, the Makefile for MSVC will now look for the Tcl include files
within the "compat\tcl\include" sub-directory in the source tree.  There
are now two ways to build the targets that require Tcl:

        1.  To continue using the previous hard-coded default Tcl directory,
            add the argument "TCLDIR=C:\Tcl" to the nmake command line.

        2.  Use something like the following commands in order to link the
            "compat\tcl" directory within the source tree to the "C:\Tcl"
            directory (via an NTFS junction):

            CD /D C:\path\to\sqlite\compat
            MKLINK /J tcl C:\Tcl

Joe Mistachkin 

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