On 1/11/18, Shane Dev <devshan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> CREATE VIEW vtrig as select 1;
> CREATE TRIGGER ttrig instead of insert on vtrig begin
>   delete from deptab;
>   delete from reftab;
>   insert into deptab(ref) select 2;
>   select raise(FAIL, 'this statement seems to temporarily disable foreign
> support') where (select count(*) > 0 from deptab);
> end;
> sqlite> insert into vtrig select 5;
> Error: this statement seems to temporarily disable foreign support
> sqlite> select * from reftab;
> sqlite> select * from deptab;
> id      ref
> 1       2
> sqlite> pragma foreign_keys;
> foreign_keys
> 1
> Can we conclude foreign key support is disabled within triggers with raise
> functions?

I don't what you mean by "disabled".  When you hit a raise(FAIL)
SQLite stops whatever it was doing and leave the database in whatever
half-way completed state it was in at the moment.  That's what
raise(FAIL) is suppose to do.

Did you mean to do "raise(ABORT)" instead, which should do what I
think you are trying to accomplish.

D. Richard Hipp
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