We're getting a "no such column" SQL error executing conditional select
statements using this view:

CREATE VIEW ENTF as select ENTF1.new_key, ENTF1.tp_id_start,
ENTF1.tp_id_ziel, ENTF2.weg_id, ENTF2.weg_rel_nr from ENTF1, ENTF2 where
ENTF1.keyentf2 = ENTF2.keyentf2;

These are the tables the view is using:

CREATE TABLE ENTF1 (new_key integer, tp_id_start integer, tp_id_ziel
integer, keyentf2 integer);
CREATE TABLE ENTF2 (keyentf2 integer primary key, weg_id integer,
weg_rel_nr integer);

Further investigations revealed that ticket #1134 is describing this
problem. Is there any chance to work around this problem (of course
except not using views)? Is this issue going to be solved in the near

Regards, Christian

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