2018-02-01 21:49 GMT+01:00 Peter Da Silva <peter.dasi...@flightaware.com>:

> It's pretty easy in Tcl
> Sqlite3 db file.sqlite
> while {[gets stdin line] > 0} {
>     parse_line_into index content; # or whatever you do to extract content
> from the line
>     db eval {INSERT INTO whatever (index, content) VALUES ($index,
> $content);}
> }
> db close

​Looks promising.​ The 'problem' is that I get a record pro line. But that
is not a big problem I think. On the plus side it is easy to make a GUI
instead of a command line version.


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> cldwester...@gmail.com> wrote:
>     At the moment I have a script where I send the output of a ffmpeg
> command
>     to the terminal and a file. Is it possible to send the output to a
> SQLite
>     table. I like to use tcl for this.

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