Is FileType case sensitive?

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>I've been mucking with this for the last half hour or so.
>I have a table which is kind of in a unique situation.
>In the app I was talking about earlier, I have a table that will
>BLOB that has FK data referencing a magazine table.  This blob-tables
>responsibility is going to hold the actual contents of the files I'm
>to give it, so, floppy disk images, or, pictures, or what have you.
>file can be attached to this one particular magazine, BUT, I only
>want a
>single COVER image stored in this table for that one magazine, and
>I'd like
>SQLite to handle ensuring that this happens.
>In reference to the magazine table itself, instead of putting a BLOB
>on the actual Magazine table, or creating a table JUST for cover
>I'd like to have a unique constraint on the table in that I can have
>same MagazineID and FileType fields, EXCEPT, I can only have one
>with one FileType='Cover' entry.
>In other words, I can never have more than a single
>MagazineID=1,FileType='Cover' entry, but, I can have as many
>MagazineID=1,FileType='Image' and as many MagazineID=1,FileType='D64'
>with their relevant blob info.
>What I'm doing in code right now is deleting
>before doing an insert on the table, then update the blob field with
>image, but, if I can set this up to be an Insert Or Replace function,
>that'd be better on me.
>The schema for the table in question is pretty simple:
>CREATE TABLE [_MagazineContent](
>  [MagazineID] INTEGER NOT NULL REFERENCES [Magazines]([MagazineID])
>  [Description] CHAR,
>  [FileType] CHAR NOT NULL,
>  [Content] BLOB);
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