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> Is there any chance that I can find a Linux flavour static sqlite3 library, 
> or do I have to build from source?
> And if I have to build from source, is it recommended to use the 
> sqlite-autoconf or the sqlite-src pkg? Or does the amalgamation file could be 
> of any use, so as to avoid compilation etc?

It is recommended, in all possible cases, that you include the amalgamation 
source code (one .c file and one .h file) in your project.  Make sure your 
compiler understands that a .c file is C source code, not C++ source code.  The 
object code size of sqlite.c is very small and should not bulk up your program 
by much.

SQLite (talking about the API rather than the stand-alone tools) has no 
dependencies.  Therefore if you include the source code in your project rather 
than using SQLite as a library, you are adding no dependencies to your project. 
 This is important since a /lot/ of projects include SQLite and you can easily 
run into version disputes if you depend on a peculiarity of a certain version 
of SQLite.

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