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> Yet even so, as Ralf pointed out, the PostgreSQL lpad() and rpad() fill
> with arbitrary string functionality would still be missing despite the
> checked in printf() being more directly equivalent to the PostgreSQL
> format() function.  First things first I suppose...
> PostgreSQL lpad() and rpad() documentation is here:
> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.5/static/functions-string.html

The problem with string length and padding was pointed out upthread.  Padding 
strings to a length was useful in the days of fixed-width fonts.  We don't do 
that much these days.  And even if you could equip SQLite with functions which 
did those things, to do it properly you'd need routines which understood 
Unicode characters, combinations, accents and the sort of diacritics used for 
Hebrew and Arabic vowels.  Without that, you fancy new feature is just going to 
trigger hundreds of bug reports.

String width functions now days take two parameters, the string (in some 
flavour of Unicode) and a font descriptor (font, size, emphasis and other 
options) and return the width of the string in points, taking into account not 
only Unicode features but font features like kern hinting and ligatures.  And 
you will find these features in your operating system.

So please, folks, don't try to do this in a purposely tiny DBMS.  Do it using 
OS calls, as the people who designed your OS intended.

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