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> Hello, does anybody know if there is some possibility to not have WAL file as 
> a normal file on the disk, but only in memory? I understand that all the 
> modifications to the database would get lost in case of the application / OS 
> crash, but for my application, I only need the level of durability based on 
> checkpointing. I just need to guarantee that all the data are properly 
> written to the main database and synchronized to disk when manual (or even 
> automatic) WAL checkpoint is called, but I do not care if I loose data in 
> between the checkpoints. Of course database should never get corrupted.

You may be mistaking what checkpoints are for.  They should not be used as an 
ACID barrier.

In your situation, I recommend you use

    PRAGMA journal_mode = MEMORY

and where you write 'checkpoint' above, that's where you do a COMMIT.

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