On 2018/04/09 10:51 AM, Niall O'Reilly wrote:
On 9 Apr 2018, at 2:08, Simon Slavin wrote:

"In unique indices, each NULL value is considered different to every other NULL 
value.  Thus each NULL value is unique."
For the sake of my late English teacher, I hope the revised document will read "... 
different __from__ ...".

Gentlemen - shall we call pistols at dawn to settle this?
Or my favourite duel:  Face-pulling at midnight.  :)

If you prefer "different from" to "different to", it is simply likely that you are American rather than English, in which language the preference (I should say "habit" really) is "different to" rather than "different from", but I gather from sources that "different from" is the preference/habit in American English, plus they have been using the newer variant: "different than" - which got criticized a lot by the old guard, but with no real grounds.

The word "to" is a natural juxtaposition relation indicator. "A is next to B", "I prefer coconut to mango" and "Apples are crunchy compared to oranges". The same goes for "different to".

All this said, I think the overall tone of the SQLite documentation is American (due the origin, no doubt), so I would vote to go with Niall's "different from" based on that.


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