You are not showing your schema or the statement you are executing. Also, 
Sqlite3_StdCall.dll is not maintained by the Sqlite development team. Can you 
reproduce the error while executing your statement in the sqlite3 shell?

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While watching the value of Err.LastDllError, as soon as the single line in the 
function below is executed, the value becomes 2. According to my documentation, 
this value indicates an "Internal Logic Error".

As this is a direct call to the SQLite DLL library, I am at loss as to the 
cause of the error. Can someone point me to the source/cause of the error and a 
way to correct it?

Public Function SQLite3Step(ByVal stmtHandle As Long) As Long

    SQLite3Step = sqlite3_stdcall_step(stmtHandle)

End Function

' From the SQLite StdCall Imports:

Private Declare Function sqlite3_stdcall_step Lib "SQLite3_StdCall" Alias 
"_sqlite3_stdcall_step@4" (ByVal hStmt As Long) As Long

The file - SQLIte3.dll is dated:  3/3/2016 5:39 PM

The file - SQLite3_StdCall.dll is dated:  3/12/2016 8:28 PM

Keith Hoar

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