On 13/04/18 09:32, Mark Brand wrote:
On 30/03/18 18:55, Igor Tandetnik wrote:

Row values support less-than comparison, so it kind of makes sense to expect MIN to work on them, too.

That's what I was thinking too. One would expect aggregate MIN() and MAX() to work over row values.

While we're on the subject of row values, the error on the first query below seems unexpected:

   sqlite> select (2, 3) = (select (2, 3));
    Error: row value misused

    sqlite> select (2, 3) = (2, 3);

    sqlite> select (2, 3) = (values(2, 3));

It also occurs to me that COUNT() should work (but doesn't) over sets of row values:

    sqlite> select count((1,2));
    Error: row value misused

I would expect it to return the number of non-NULL row values in the set.
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