I find I confused several concepts of memory. Sorry for that.
And I guess I finally understand what my question really is:

Still there is only one process doing a SELECT * in a 256M db file.
Then 256M physical memory should be used when doing the query. (Ignore the
So the PSS of my program should be 256M at that time. That is OK.

But from now on, the PSS will be 256M for a long time as my process will be
active for hours doing insert-select-insert-select without closing. My
system can not afford a 256M-PSS program.
In another word, the most important thing is there is no opportunity to call
unmmap() in my program.

Can I find a reasonable time to call unmmap or sqlite3OsUnfetch? Or is there
any way to solve the problem other than pragma mmap_size=2M?

Really thanks for your help.

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