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>> On May 8, 2018, at 1:02 PM, Mike Clark <cyberherbal...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Has there been any thought of implementing some kind of stored procedure
>> feature for SQLite?
> That's more of a server thing. In an embedded database, a stored procedure
> is literally a function in your programming language, which runs a SQLite
> query.

To amplify Jens' remark:  In a traditional client/server database,
there is high latency in the round-trip message from client to server
and back again.  To work around this, client/server systems provide
stored procedures in which lots of little SQL statements can be
embedded, and then all run together in a single round-trip.  But with
SQLite, there is no round-trip latency.  A "round-trip" to and
database is just a function call, and is very very cheap.  This one
fact removes a lot of the motivation behind having stored procedures.

The other benefit of stored procedures is that it provides a way to
code up a common operation once (correctly!) and store it in the
database, rather than having multiple clients all have to work out the
operating themselves (some of them perhaps incorrectly).  The usual
way of handling that in SQLite is to store a script in a text column
someplace, then execute them as needed.  SQLite began life as a TCL
extension, and so naturally TCL scripts work very well for this kind
of thing.

D. Richard Hipp
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