since lemon is maintained as an integral part of sqlite, I am posting my report 

* I  am using the latest available lemon.c and lempar.c [  20180421 and 
20180423 resp.]

The documentation  states:"The error recoverystrategy is to begin popping the 
parsers stack until it enters astate where it is permitted to shift a special 
non-terminal symbolnamed ``error''. It then shifts this non-terminal and 
continuesparsing. But the %syntax_error routine will not be called againuntil 
at least three new tokens have been successfully shifted.If the parser pops its 
stack until the stack is empty, and it stillis unable to shift the error 
symbol, then the %parse_failed routineis invoked and the parser resets itself 
to its start state, readyto begin parsing a new file. This is what will happen 
at the veryfirst syntax error, of course, if there are no instances of the 
``error'' non-terminal in your grammar."
This is definitely not what I observe.  Two cases need to be distinguished 

(1)  the non-terminal "error" symbol is not used in the grammar. 

      What happens: 
      when a syntax error is encountered, the   %syntax_error   code is 
invoked. The parser then does 
      not attempt to shift the special error symbol. Rather, it discards the 
current token and proceeds with the next one. 
      For example, assuming a simple calculator grammar, 
      the input string   1+*1  triggers a syntax error when the "*" token is 
encountered. This '**" is rejected and 1+1 
      is   parsed. parse_fail is never invoked.

      Expected behavior
      -------------------------      1+*1  triggers a syntax error. Since the 
error symbol is not used in the grammar, the parser cannot shift the 
      error and as a result the parser ignores all subsequent tokens until the 
end of input is reached. parse_fail is invoked. 

(2) the non-terminal "error" symbol *is used* in the grammar. 
      Consider the following grammar, 
      statements   ::   statement.
      statements   ::   statements statement.     
      statement ::= error.      
      When a syntax error occurs , one would expect the  parser to call 
%syntax_error, shift the 
      error symbol and invoke the   "statement ::= error."  rule.  Subsequent 
tokens should then  
      get discarded until the parser can successfully perform 3 sequential 

       What actually happens:     
       The error symbol is shifted. The parser then crashes with the following 
       unsigned char yy_reduce(yyParser*, unsigned int, int, Token*): Assertion 
`yyruleno<sizeof(yyRuleInfo)/sizeof(yyRuleInfo[0])' failed

       A trivial working  example of error handling would be most helpful.

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