On May 11, 2018, at 2:53 PM, Jim Dodgen <j...@dodgen.us> wrote:
> A little off topic,  but my hosting company went a way. And after two tries
> I need to find a hosting company who is not scared of SQLite,  specifically
> have installed or will let me install DBD::Sqlite?

Why bother using web hosts that specifically support your development platform 
of choice in 2018?

That was necessary back in the days when “web hosting” meant you got an 
unprivileged user account on a shared server which was configured to use 
name-based virtual hosting to route HTTP requests to the appropriate customer 
files and scripts.

That need disappeared first with VPSes and then with cloud hosting providers, 
both of which let you set up a whole development platform as you like it.

They’re not even expensive any more.  You can get a root shell for $5/month 
from multiple providers now.  You just need to install cpanm and get to work.
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