Hi, my build system is quite complicated because I'm building sqlite using yocto for my embedded device.

The build machine is quite old (ubuntu 12.04 x86).

The sqlite build (with autoconf) correctly end but the problem is that any program that is linked to sqlite and is not compiled with "-lm" fail because sqlite require it but this dependency is not exported in library.

If i build sqlite with --enable-fts5=no everything go well.

I see that in the snapshot the default configuration for fts5 is enable while it is disabled for le last official release. (this change is not documented in the draft release note)


Il 11/05/2018 22:21, Richard Hipp ha scritto:
On 5/11/18, Charles Leifer <colei...@gmail.com> wrote:
Try specifying "-lm" flag to include math library.
The configure script does that automatically.


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