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I am having problems building sqlite with the android NDK for macos.

The problem is actually with the ioctl.h header, nothing specific to SQLite.

Simply, try to define ``BIONIC_IOCTL_NO_SIGNEDNESS_OVERLOAD'' according to ``ioctl.h''s recommendations:

`` * Work around unsigned -> signed conversion warnings: many common ioctl
 * constants are unsigned.
* Since this workaround introduces an overload to ioctl, it's possible that it * will break existing code that takes the address of ioctl. If such a breakage
 * occurs, you can work around it by either:
* - specifying a concrete, correct type for ioctl (whether it be through a cast * in `(int (*)(int, int, ...))ioctl`, creating a temporary variable with the
 *   type of the ioctl you prefer, ...), or
 * - defining BIONIC_IOCTL_NO_SIGNEDNESS_OVERLOAD, which will make the
 *   overloading go away. ''

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