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> On 5/17/18, David Raymond <david.raym...@tomtom.com> wrote:
> > So what confuses me is that I would think that what comes after "DEFAULT"
> > would have to be a string literal if it's not an identifier. So why does
> it
> > let you put something in there without needing to put it in quotes?
> There was a bug in an historical version of SQLite.  We have to
> continue to support that buggy behavior.  Otherwise, if you try to
> open a legacy database file with a newer version of SQLite it might
> report the legacy database is "corrupt".

I think I'm not alone in wishing there was a way to disable all legacy
backward compatibility "warts".
Then again, that adds more "branches" and code complexity, which for SQLite
needs testing, given its high standards.
So I'm afraid that will remain wishful thinking. --DD
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