Does ‘hidden’ apply to normal tables as well as virtual tables? I tried

CREATE TABLE t(x,y,z hidden);

select * from t;

but it showed all three cols.

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Adding the attribute "hidden" to a column prevents it from showing up in the 
expansion of '*' in the select list, while still allowing it to be queried by 
name. There is no RE matching in the select list; you are expected to know 
exactly what you want.

Having multiple instances of a field or fields in the row suggests that you 
schema is not properly normalized. This needs to be a concious design decision.

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Hi All,
I have a table with multiple similar column names, like abc_1,abc_2,abc_3.......

Is there a way i can do a select on only these columns in a table, without 
specifiying the full column list?
Can i use  a regular expression in selecting column names ?


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