Would schema defined functions fulfill the same requirement (e.g.
return val  = p1 || p2) ?

Computed columns would be of assistance to me, assuming that functions
are permitted. e.g.
full_account_number CHAR(16),
branch CHAR(4),
account_number CHAR(12),

full_account_number AS ( branch || account_number )


branch AS (substr(full_account_number,1,4)),
account_number AS (substr(full_account_number,5))

sha_value AS (sha3(full_account_number,512))

I have one database that has several similar concatenated encodings,
some with 5 parts.
The example given is a simplification, calculated when required would
abbreviate much of my retrieval SQL. (Although views provide a partial

Niggle 1: I can see why I would like forward references, although not mandatory.
Niggle 2: I have no need for stored computed values

> computed columns - fahrTemp AS (centTemp*9/5 + 32)
> Niggle 1: Can a computed column refer to a column defined after it ?
>Niggle 2: Should a computed value be stored with the other values or 
>calculated when required ?
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