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> Dominique Devienne wrote:
> > My assumption
> > was that after the zeroblob(N), there was enough room in the main DBs
> > pages, such that the subsequent blob open+write+close did not need to
> > generate any "page churn" (i.e. journal activity) and could write
> directly
> > to the pages created on initial insert.
> It does write to the same pages, but those pages must be copied to the
> rollback journal so that they can be restored if the transaction is
> rolled back.  (Or are the two passes inside the same transaction?)

They are part of the same transactions. So the no-rewrite pages should
still apply, no?

> Don't insert the zero blobs in the first pass; this still rewrites all
> rows, but there is less data that might need to be rolled back.
> Consider moving the blobs to a separate table.

 Is that really/still relevant, considering the above? Thanks, --DD
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