On 06/13/2018 12:35 PM, skywind mailing lists wrote:
Hi Ryan,

my problem is that I use the "most safest" mode that exists for SQLite and it 
still fails… Therefore, I need to know why it fails.

    I have been watching this from a distance and all I can think is :

    1) what do you mean by a "SQL file"?  Do you mean a backup file of
         some type?

    2) what was the source database type ?

    3) why not simply remove the offending "Inf" data?

Really you need someone to look over the data from top to bottom and
then render the data into a database for you. In any format possible
given that the data may be trash. Then look at the result and determine
if it will work for you or not. Why have not done this simple step?


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