Suppose I have a select such as

‘select * from TblsAndJoins where Condns order by OrdCol1,OrdCol2,...,OrdColn’

I want to know the collation associated with the sort. I know a COLLATE 
condition could be attached to the order by BUT suppose there’s none. How would 
I determine the collation associated with the sort?

I’m familiar with

int sqlite3_table_column_metadata(
  sqlite3 *db,                /* Connection handle */
  const char *zDbName,        /* Database name or NULLtion sequence */
  const char *zTableName,     /* Table name */
  const char *zColumnName,    /* Column name */
  char const **pzDataType,    /* OUTPUT: Declared data type */
 char const **pzCollSeq,     /* OUTPUT: Collation sequence name */
  int *pNotNull,              /* OUTPUT: True if NOT NULL constraint exists */
  int *pPrimaryKey,           /* OUTPUT: True if column part of PK */
  int *pAutoinc               /* OUTPUT: True if column is auto-increment */

which would tell me if a particular column of the sort has a collation sequence 
but what if it’s the index itself that has a collation attached? How would I 
cover all possible angles?

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