They are part of the current draft release:


I see that there is a new create function to create the window functions which 
have some slight changes to the methods being called and what they do.  

I presume that a function defined with the new API can continue to be used as a 
"normal" aggregate function, but that the new API must be used to define 
aggregates that can be used with the windowing calls (that is they must be able 
to compute "interim" results, be able to unwind or reverse value additions, and 
have a separate destroy function) ... and that if the definition does not 
include the new methods defined by the windowing API they cannot be used with 
the Windowing API .. is this a correct interpretation of the code?

On another note, what a really nice addition!  

Now to figure out how to "unwind" value additions to a bunch of running 
computations so they can be used in the windowing API ...

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