I'm attempting to do a simple bind for an integer.

The partial query is:

V1: *datetime(date(current_timestamp,'localtime'),'+'||:StartTime||'
hours')))/60) MinutesSince9*
V2: *datetime(date(current_timestamp,'localtime'),'+:StartTime
hours')))/60) MinutesSince9 *

I'm getting a failure with V2, and I'm assuming that binding isn't
understood when the bind is within a string.  If this assumption is
correct, is V1 the correct and safe way to bind the values?

In THIS particular case, :StartTime is an ENUM type of integers 7, 8, or 9,
and programmatically set based on a configuration option set via a pull
down menu within the application, which is sanitized before performing the
SQL statement anyways.  My concern is geared towards the future when
handling strings.
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