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> I only want to store a date with a record. But it is possible that more as
> one record will be inserted, so I want to use another field to use as an
> index. So that the first gets an one, the second a two, etc.
> Is this possible, or do I just have to check if there is already a date and
> fetch the highest index and increase this with one?

There's no magical shortcut.

I would create an index on (theDate, dateEventNumber).  Then do

        SELECT MAX(dateEventNumber) FROM MyTable WHERE theDate = ?1
        [ in your code see whether you got NULL back, substitute 0 ]
        INERT INTO MyTable ... ?1 + 1

You can combine the two commands into one more complicated thing, but I'd do 
that only if I was sure nobody would ever have to figure out why my code wasn't 

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