On 2018/07/10 8:27 PM, Randall Smith wrote:
One follow-up: Do you know if the dump output is "deterministic" over time? That is, if I diff two dumps taken at different times, will the unchanged material be in the same order and so on? Or is the ordering effectively random?
My underlying question is "can text-comparing two DB dumps be used to determine what 
has changed?"

I am not sure if it is 100% deterministic - it probably is, however, I would like to point out that while parsing a dump (supposing it IS deterministic) is possible, writing some code to check congruence between two DBs at the business end of the SQLite API is significantly better, much easier and always 100% deterministic.

Not only that, but the sqldiff command-line utility (download page) does it already (though you may require a more specific result, but at a minimum its a good start).

Is there perhaps a specific difficulty which makes you think that parsing the dump would provide a better/easier insight into which data changed?

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