Randall wrote:

> My wishlist is:
> (o) Allow humans to view the contents of a DB without custom tools.

If what is meant here is a generic tool that opens/views any particular
file format, db context here, then there are tools including
the generic db gui that I have been working on for years.

> (o) Have a way to see what has changed between V1 and V2 of a database,
>     e.g., for a "change review."
> (o) Have a way to merge two independent sets of database changes into
>     a single result in an understandable way.

This has already been answered, .dump diff and sqldiff. I use a dump
in my interface which I used with diff to compare changes in my
personal expense database. This was to insure changes introduced in work
on the interface were not screwing things up. Very helpful to insure
your not introducing bugs.

> (o) Have a way to make changes (update, insert, delete) to the DB data
      in a  pinch without specialized tools.

My generic db gui will do all these. Once more it really is a plugin
framework so it is very easy to introduce your own code to extend its

Seems parts of the wishlist could be provided more effectly by client/server
db rather than SQLite. My personal general expenses database is not
SQLite, but a client/server db. Just an old box back in the corner. Why,
because I use the same db server with my dad's, in his 90s, expenses which
we both can add, edit, search, review, and aggregate accounts at the
end of the year.


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