On 7/12/18, Robert M. Münch <robert.mue...@saphirion.com> wrote:
> We now saw two crash reports with „Database disk I/O error“ when a
> transaction was closed with „END“. Is this a known problem when having
> sqlite files on a network share?

When network filesystems do not follow the usual semantics of a
filesystem, it can cause problems.

That said, Firefox and Chrome have for many years stored lots of stuff
in SQLite database files in the users home directory, which is often a
network share, and they have not reported any problems.  On the other
hand, they (or at least Firefox, I not sure about Chrome) run with
PRAGMA locking_mode=EXCLUSIVE [1] which tends to bypass most of the
network filesystem bugs, at the expense of restricting database access
to a single process at a time.
Is your system able to live with that restriction and use PRAGMA

[1] https://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_locking_mode

D. Richard Hipp
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