I have a few questions with regards to memory impact when bumping the
default SQLITE_MAX_VARIABLE_NUMBER limit from 999 to 32768.

For reference, this is the issue that I created that brought me to this
mailing list:

1) Does the act of bumping this limit up have an effect on memory at all
(assuming that no more than 999 arguments are passed into statements)? I'm
assuming that's not the case and that the extra memory consumption comes
from the actual arguments passed into sqlite statements that SQLite needs
to allocate memory for. So if the limit bumped up but the actual # of
arguments that's passed in is always less than 1000, then there's no memory
penalty to bumping this limit up. Is that correct?
2) If we pass the MAX # of variables, what's the overall memory
consumption? For example, if we pass 36 character Strings (32768 of them),
will SQLite allocate 18 MBs for this data? (how I arrived at 18 MBs can be
seen in the linked github issue)

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